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The heart is the most vital and hardworking organ of our body. Any disturbance in its functioning can have serious repercussions on your health. Hence, it is very important to keep your heart healthy by understanding what activities are good for your heart and what are the factors that increase the pressure and stress on it. Below are five instances when the risk of having a heart attack is the highest.

Sudden onset of physical activity

A regular and monitored exercise routine is very good for a healthy heart. However, getting into a rigorous exercise regime after a long break increases the risk of a heart attack. This is because you are subjecting your heart to increased pressure and stress. to increased stress levels, your body releases high amounts of hormones causing your blood pressure and heart rate to increase rapidly. It is advisable to hire a personal trainer to guide you through a systematic exercise routine. With the expertise and knowledge he possesses, your personal trainer will ensure that the exercise pattern you follow will be safe for your heart.

Watch out for Monday mornings

Monday mornings can be quite stressful for your heart. This is because after a relaxed weekend, the idea of going back to work on a Monday morning can be very depressing. Hence try to put in a little activity over the weekend. Maintain a healthy sleeping schedule. Waking up early on a Monday morning after sleeping late for two consecutive nights can lead to an increase in your blood pressure since your body is tired and its normal routine is disturbed.

After a calorie laden meal

A balanced diet is very essential for a healthy heart. It is important that you limit the intake of fatty food and high carb meals. Excessive intake of such meals tends to block the blood vessels, which can result in blood clotting in the heart. At times, when you really cannot resist the temptation, pick up a small plate, so that you can limit the quantity of food that you eat. Do not go for a second helping. Speak to your doctor and keep a pill handy that will help to reduce the stickiness of your blood.

As soon as you wake up

After a good night's rest, you wake up in the morning to an increased risk of a heart attack. This is because your heart finds it difficult to pump blood, as blood is thicker in the morning due to partial dehydration through the night. Your body releases various stress related hormones in the morning causing your blood pressure to increase, thereby increasing the demand for oxygen. Incorporate some snooze time before you wake up, so that your body does not react adversely to the various activities going on within.

During a difficult bowel session

If you are constipated, your bowel sessions can cause stress to your heart due to the increase in pressure, thereby leading to slower blood flow to the heart. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and drink plenty of liquids to avoid being constipated. Consult your doctor for medication if the problem persists.